Juhnke Street

In the town of Chugiak, Alaska just northeast of Anchorage is a street called Juhnke Drive. The street is just one block long. It is located about halfway between the Alaska Railroad and Highway One, also called the Glenn Highway. This street is the only Juhnke Street in the USA according to the results of an Internet address search by street name.

Photo of Juhnke Street Sign in Chugiak, AKI visited the street in June, 2005, while on vacation. Just one house is along the street. Beside the old house are a couple of other old buildings of questionable structural soundness.

A lady of about age 55 occupied the house. She said that about the year 1975 her parents bought the 2 acres where she was living from a Juhnke family that then moved away. She did not know the Juhnke family, but she did pronounce the name as we do.

Shortly before traveling to Juhnke Drive, I purchased a map at a Chugiak grocery store. An individual at the counter who was raised in Chugiak was curious to learn who I was going to see in what is a fairly small suburban town. I mentioned the Juhnke Drive. The individual said that he remembered a Juhnke girl that was in high school with him in the mid '70's, but he did not know what ever happened to her.

It does not appear that any Juhnkes are now living in the state of Alaska.

--Jerry Juhnke

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