Karl and Fredrieka (Juhnke) Suenram
Albert and Fredricka (Juhnke) Knopf
Carl F. W. and Francis (Kaufman) Juhnke

Family History And Family Tree Book

A family history and family tree book is being produced for the descendants of Karl and Fredrieka (Juhnke) Suenram, Albert and Fredricka (Juhnke) Knopf, and Carl F. W. and Francis (Kaufman) Juhnke. The book is expected to be available at the Juhnke family reunion to be held at the Grand Prairie Hotel in Hutchinson, Kansas, August 17 and 18, 2007. All family members are encouraged to attend the reunion.

With the help of the family reunion committee and other volunteers, it is our goal to produce a book covering the Juhnke family history, and a complete family tree for the Karl and Fredrieka (Juhnke) Suenram, Albert and Fredricka (Juhnke) Knopf, and Carl F. W. and Francis (Kaufman) Juhnke families. We will need the help of extended family to complete this project. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Please E-mail or send the following information to Jerry Juhnke at Juhnke500@AOL.com or to 920 N Preserve, Wichita, Kansas 67206. As much information as possible will be included in the publication. We will also consider a family picture CD if we run out of room for pictures in the publication.

We need:

Fact sheets: for each individual in the family tree (including spouses). The sheets can be reproduced on the FAMQUEST.doc file (the link will open a file in Microsoft Word.) The sheets may be returned as a hard copy or as an E-mail attachment. If you have any questions on how to complete the files, please call or write Jerry Juhnke at the above contact information.

Historical photos: of individuals, buildings, or personal items of historical significant to the family. Please also include an explanation or story suitable for publication as to why the photo is of historical significance. Group photos are generally preferred. Photos could be returned on a computer disk or as an E-mail attachment. Please do not send hard copies unless no other suitable methods are available.

Stories: of family events or of other significance historically. Please make the stories as factual as possible with accurate dates, names and locations. Please let me know if they have had prior publication.

Biographies: for everyone through Carl and Fredrieka's grandchildren and optional for great grandchildren or later. For those that are deceased, please ask for a child or grandchild to write a biography or provide a biography that has been used in a prior publication. Sometimes a funeral program will be a good source. About 400 words is a good length. Please return any items that you would like to have published as soon as possible.

Photo of Ida, Ernest, Otto, Carl, Wesley & frances Juhnke (1893)

All information will need to be submitted by June 1, 2007 to assure publication.

A sampling of other information that will be included in the book:

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