Furry's World!

In memoriam for Christofur, who left us in February 2001 due to complications from pneumonia.

Since we adopted Christofur as a full-grown rabbit, we don't have any baby pictures for him. I bet he was a cutie, though! The following two shots (Mike on left, Joanne on right) show what an armful Furry became.

Furry and Baby both liked to hop up on the living-room couch. He'd explore on his own, but the two were definitely inseparable.

They both work well with the litter box. Along with its designated function, it also makes a fine place to hang out.


Baby and "Furry" spent much of their time in an enclosure that takes up most of the study.


Here Baby demonstrates a compact bunny position, while Furry demonstrates the full-bunny stretch!


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