Baby Pictures!

On the left we have a true "baby" picture of Baby, back when we thought he was a wee handsome buck. Eventually she was a full-grown bunny lady (right), and not one whit less good-looking! (The equally handsome gentleman in the pictures is Mike -- do you suppose he was petting her the entire time, in that same pose?)

Here's a shot of Baby at full gallop, in our empty living room on moving day.

Here's Baby at her most alert...

And at her most blissed-out, totally entranced!

An elegant bunny lady, who knows how to recline in style.

Once she got a little older, she liked the warmth of the heating vent..

Baby lived to see her 8th year, but slowed down a lot.
One of her hind legs suffered repeated injuries over the years,
and finally her hindquarters became paralyzed (cancer?)
Her she is on her last day, a spunky fighter to the end,
next to her "double," a little dutch garden statue.

We love you, Baby!

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