Juhnke family reunion in Lamoni, Iowa, May 26, 2003.
(Last names are Juhnke unless indicated otherwise.)
Back row: Karl, Jim, Kevin, Ben Edwards, Bill Jr., Abram Harris, Richard Harris, Chester White;
Middle row: Mike Oakleaf, Katie Hoody, Janet, Liza (holding Ryan), Carrie Edwards, Jodi, Sharon Harris, Celeste Harris, Candace Unrau, Ruth White;
Front row: Joanne (with Lydia Oakleaf), Elizabeth Bushman (with Riley Bushman), Miranda Henry, Ted Hale,
Carita (with Emma), Eric (with Megan), Tara Unrau, Vance Unrau (with Trey Unrau), Ty Unrau, Angelica White.
Absent: Anna Juhnke, Jon Bushman.

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